The SWOT analysis of    MADHURI POP AND DINE HOTELS PVT. LTD.®         


- 31 yrs experience in the hospitality business

- Strong & well experienced professional, technical 
  and management team

- Strong client base ( above 2 +lacs )

- Well Established firm

- Zero Debt Firm


- Pop N Dine having bar service do not attract orthodox family consumers 
  ( for which Pop N Dine is planning an exclusive Veg Outlet to cater these  segment )


- Increase in consumer Lifestyle & buying potential

- Celebration & Treats have become a trend these days
for almost  all  college goers,working class & business

firms, so catering their needs too is an opportunity for us


- Increasing numbers of malls having inbuilt multiplex and  restaurants 
  ( but again their pricing do not cater the middle class segment )