Franchise Options - POP N DINE

Join our chains of - FINE DINE HOTELS

What is this Business Proposal about :


are in this hospitalty industry for the past 31 yrs and

looking for expanding the business all over india, with the existing brand and few more speciality brand

and segments.

We are planning to expand the said business through the well tested
Franchise Module,

and with a well guided and well supported team of financial advisors and top business consultants, we

have worked on a profitable business plan and good returns on the investments.

With our vast knowledge of 31 years in this industry and with our technically and professionally strong

team, and  with your resource, we can assure to make this project together a very huge success.

What is your role / what we want from you :

We are looking for prospective firm / individual to join our business as our franchisee, and we have three

options available for the same

Zero investments :

Owners of property with a area of min. 2000 Sq. Ft.  have an options of joining in the panel of Board Of

Director, all the investments & business management will be taken care by the company, Franchisee gets

the profit share in the business of the said property

Joint Venture :

Owners of property with a area of min. 2000 Sq. Ft. have an options of joint venture where both the

company and the owner work together with equal capital & share joining as an Director, sharing the profit


Financial Investor :

An Investor can invest in this company with a assured reasonable annual returns.