The Management team


 Our management team is well compensated. We have a team that has considerable experience together and shares knowledge in many different fields of business and in life. In Year 2 we will hire a General Manager to assist POP N DINE Restaurant to grow even further. The General Manager will also work to expand Leave it to

POP N DINE Catering in and around Mumbai city. 

Managing Director : Sangath Hegde

An Science Graduate with an additional specialization of business management 
   Has 20+ Years expriencein hospitality business

   Add on 10+ Years exprience in Financial Administration

   Well Focused and works hard to take this single brand / center to a multi branded outlet all over india

Director : Mrs. Dharni Sangath Hegde

An Commerce graduate with an additional specialization of business administration

  Has 5+ years experience in hospitality administration

  works to create Pop N Dine a leading hospitality brand renowned globally and gain the reputation of a top

  International players

Personnel Plan

We believe the personnel plan is in good proportion to the size of the restaurant and projected revenues. The staff will include 13 full-time employees and seven part-time employees, who will work a total of 754 manhours per week and generate an average weekly gross payroll of $4,929 for the first year in business. The estimated gross annual payroll of $236,592 is 22% of total sales.

   Manager : Eugine Pereira   

Front Manager :  Raju Mallavarapu

    Store Manger : Sanjay M. C huenkar

Waitperson : Shambu Biswas

Waitperson : Biswajit Biswas

Barperson : Kamblesh Rajbhar

   Head Chef : Deepak Maity

Sous Chef : Anil kumar Yadav


Chef Deepak Maity will be assisted by:

  • Sous chef with considerable experience in different restaurants (1).
  • Cooks that work directly with Linda or the sous chef (2).
  • Prep cooks/dishwasher (2).
  • People cleaning the restaurant (2).
In front of the house:

Eugine Pereira   will take care of the financial issues including bookkeeping and work in 'front of the house'.

Raju Mallavarapu will be our Front Manager. She will take care of advertising, wait staff and ordering for service.

  • To help Andrea she will have servers that will work as ‘captains' (these people have experience in managing, waiting tables and bartending) and take care of service and make sure the restaurant is in excellent shape (2).
  • Servers that work part time (4).
  • Full-time bartender (1).
  • Full-time busboys (2).
  • Part-time busboy (1).

* All these
Personnel Plan have one in common, that is professional in their respective field and are real hardcore

staff with sincerity and honesty

  The Professional Advisory Team

Brand Development : Harish K Narayanan ( VANSHU AD SERVICES )

Leagal Matters : Sanjeev K Shetty ( Advocate, High Court )

Financial Matters : Ashok Shetty ( C.A. )

Property Matters : Subhash Pillai ( VP with a leading builder )

Interior & Architecture : Zubin Shah ( Senior Architect )

Event Management : Karunakar Shetty (  25 yrs Experienced Professional )

New Venue Setups : Agnelo Coates ( 20 yrs Experience Professional in top hotel total mangement setups )